Delaware County,
Walton, New York


L&N Dragonfly Pond Farms is a small family run farm. Specializing in natural poultry, meats and eggs. We raise, Chicken, Turkey, Guineas Hens and Quail. We also raise lamb/mutton and Berkshire pigs. Contact us for types and breeds.


A Variety of Naturally Colored Eggs in Every Carton!

Our Chickens, Turkeys and Guineas are all free range on pastures. We have 150 laying hens. Our country eggs come in all sizes and colors. We also have Araucana / Americanas, the famous "Easter Eggers". They lay a variety of colored eggs. Including green, blue and a mauve-ish pink.


Guinea Hen on the Range


We produce a large amount of farm fresh country eggs for sale daily. We're open to the public so stop on by! we also have hatching eggs available year round. Come spring we take orders for day old chicks, poults and keets. To find out more select THE FARM or click on the menu above to explore our website.


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Guineas Hens
Berkshire Pigs
Lamb / Mutton

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Dorper Quints

Walton Sheep has Quintuplets The Daily Star
Apr 17, 2009, Walton
By Patricia Breakey

The Fogliano's spent last Friday night counting sheep, but got very little sleep. The Fogliano's dorper ewe, Brooke, went into labor, began giving birth at about 10 p.m. and didn't stop until midnight, when she completed a rare quintuplet birth.

"This is such an abnormality," Fogliano said Thursday. "She is an awesome mom."