Delaware County,
Walton, New York

One of our Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys


In the fall we
have a variety
of heritage breed turkeys available for your table. Our lamb/mutton are from Dorper sheep. L&N Dragonfly PondLambs out to Pasture Farms began selling lamb/mutton in the spring of 2009. Our flock of Dorper sheep are enrolled in the New York State Scrapie program and our ewes come from CMP Dorpers in Sidney, New York. Our ewes (which have lovingly become known as "the girls") are also pasture raised.

Baily with Nick Fogliano

Our sheep and lambs are always accompanied on thier daily pasture outtings by Bailey. He is our beautiful three year old paint gelding. Bailey is their "guard" horse. He loves his "girls" and is always there to protect them.

In 2009 one of our girls named Brooke had quints. She had all 5 on her own and was an excellent mommy. We are VERY proud of her!!! You can see all 5 ofher babies in the picture here. She had 3 boys and 2 girls. The girls are Tinkerbell and Lilly (Second and third lambs in the picture.) The boys weren't named because they were not going to be kept on at the Farm. You can read about us in Daffodil and Daisy Dukean article written about our unforgettable experience, by the Daily Star. In the picture here shows Daffy and Dukes (Daffodil and Daisy Duke). Daffy is Brookes daughter from the previous year.


Happy Customer
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Rosemarie with her new lamb "Victoria"
In Spring of 2011, a local couple
picked out a pair of our lambs to start
thier own flock.

From Our Farm
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Guineas Hens
Berkshire Pigs
Lamb / Mutton

Newly hatched Guinea chicks